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IT Network Support in Olympia Fields, IL

Cloud • Data Backup/Security • Monitoring • Maintenance• Installation

Olympia-Fields, IL 60461

IT Managed Services & Full-Service Network Support

Whether you need to graduate from an internal "IT guy", a "friend of a friend", or even a current IT service company that just is not getting things done, you owe it to yourself and to the efficiency of your organization to step back and think critically about just what it is you are buying.

office tech support MSP services data security; Olympia-Fields ILLINOIS 60461 Your organization is like no other! It has its own specific set of internal resources, its own areas in need of outside assistance, its own timetables, its own budget constraints, and—most of all—its own "character" and preferred methods for getting things done.

Moreover, your interest in reading about our services here suggests that your organization is growing...or that you are addressing some current circumstances that are impeding that growth.

Andromeda lives to serve organizations like yours in Olympia Fields, IL (60461)—at your level of need, your timetable… …and your budget!

Our holistic approach maximizes the usefulness of your data network while monitoring and protecting every aspect of your business data.

Data Network System Design/Setup/Installation

You need system architecture that is both necessary and sufficient to your current and near-term computer network needs that is within reach of your budget. Through our ongoing 27+ years of experience, we will guide you to the most effective choices available to you:

  • WAN, LAN, Wireless,...
  • Cloud-based architectures
  • On-site hardware based architectures
  • Hybrid (Hardware-Cloud) solutions

Customized Services Scaled To Your Needs

We are at your disposal in whatever capacity best serves you:

  • Long-term MSP (Managed Services Provider) for all your IT, phone, and security needs
  • "Special needs" implementer to augment the day-to-day tasks of an internal technical staff (e.g., initial setup of a new server or new phone system)
  • Reliable "go to" solution provider for the occasional break-fix issue (HelpDesk and dispatchable techs)

Managed IT Services

In an MSP role, Andromeda offers a range of service plans for organizations like yours in Olympia Fields, IL (60461)—anything from month-to-month "time & materials" based assistance to fixed service contracts that permit "no-brainer" conformance to an annual budget. We even offer V.I.P. plans which permit you to "jump the queue" for HelpDesk and remote technical support assignments! Beyond the functions you would expect from a full-service MSP:

  • Reliable & Fast Hybrid System Backup / Business Continuity Solutions
  • Fast Data Recovery
  • Network Management including 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Virtual CIO role
  • Data Security (spam control, anti-malware, containment & cleansing)
  • End-to-End Internet Access & Web Hosting
  • Email Account Setups, Mobile Syncing, Hosting, Archiving, Cloud options
  • Software Application Deployment & Database Repair
  • Automated Patching

...Andromeda can offer so much more: a single, expert source for a full range of physical security systems which can (and should) freely interact with your data network:

  • Building/Door Access Control
  • Security Camera Systems and Video Surveillance
  • Fire Protection Alarm System Installation & Monitoring
  • Burglar Alarm System Installation & Monitoring

So, not only can we provide professional service for the full gamut of physical security needs of your growing organization, we are uniquely positioned to integrate those systems with any elements of your data and voice network. It is this integration that extracts the full power and usefulness of these systems for your organization.

As a premier Managed Services provider, Andromeda specializes in protecting and safeguarding your data. We will work with you to make sure all your network gear meets your needs… …and your budget!

Because Andromeda Technology Solutions is a complete service company, we provide support for every aspect of your computer system and network:

  • System design (for new networks or expansion of existing ones)
  • Ordering/delivery/installation of network components
  • In-wall & in-ceiling wiring & access boxes in new or existing structures
  • Integration with your current data/voice networks, security systems, door access…
  • Computer configurations, email/network accounts, firewalls…
  • Data security, business continuity/backup, 24x7 system monitoring…
  • Cloud hosting
  • Complete system testing and staff training
—all customized to your individual needs.

But our job doesn't stop there. Once your network is operational, we can continue to support you with preventive maintenance packages, innovative approaches to data backup, virus and Malware control, and anti-spam solutions.

WANs, VPNs–Multiple Locations & Remote Access

We specialize in extending your network beyond the four walls of your main office. This might include remote or branch offices, mobile employees or remote access from your house for voice, video, file sharing and much more!

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are quite popular and are fast becoming indispensible. However, they generally cannot achieve the same level of performance as traditional wired networks where security, reliability, and bandwidth are of premium importance. Still, a wireless network is a great solution for a few roaming laptops or tablet PCs overlaying your wired office areas. To overcome the potential shortcomings of wireless, we use HP and Cisco Wireless Access Points, and we can guide you through the do’s and don’ts of implementing a wireless network to avoid the pitfalls.

Network Design / Infrastructure Wiring

Whether you are adding a few offices or doing an entire build-out from the ground up, Andromeda Technology Solutions can help. We can provide infrastructure wiring for your voice, data, TV, cameras, overhead paging, etc. Having one company to handle all your wiring needs eliminates trying to coordinate vendors, minimizes labor overlap, and decreases cost.

We are also available to assist in the design of your wiring. While architects generally do a good job with this layout, we have a unique real-world approach that tends to be more in line with what is actually needed for a working office. Involving us early in the process will minimize the chance of having to run additional wires after your construction is complete…when it’s much more expensive to install!

Web/Email Hosting & Web Design

"Commodity" web and email hosting seem like great solutions…until they go down OR you need to add a new account OR remove an ex-employee's access OR countless other items that need attention more regularly than you initially imagined. Ideally, your IT service that performs these functions for you should also host your web and email accounts to avoid delays, transfer issues, and any number of other potential mishaps. Andromeda is pleased to offer comprehensive hosting plans to do just that. Through our plans, you can also choose additional premium services like website hit tracking and statistics reporting.

Andromeda is also pleased to provide web design services—anything from simple informational sites to complete new site designs featuring animation, multi-tiered navigation, database-backed forms…even on-line stores using state-of-the-art CMS design platforms like Wordpress and Joomla. We also have proven expertise in the art of Search Engine Optimization—a "must" for any company that needs to generate new business leads from its on-line presence!

Olympia-Fields, IL 60461

Because Andromeda Technology Solutions is a complete service company, we provide support for every aspect of your computer system and network near Olympia Fields, IL (60461):
  • System design (for new networks or expansion of existing ones)
  • Ordering/delivery/installation of network components
  • In-wall & in-ceiling wiring & access boxes in new or existing structures
  • Integration with your current network, security systems, alarm systems, door access…
  • Computer configurations, email/network accounts, firewalls, security software…
  • Complete system testing and staff training
—all customized to your individual needs.
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